Since 1948

European leaders
in lemon processing


Innovation and adaptation

Leaders in lemon processing, specialized in a superior quality service. The excellence of our products supports us, the deadlines in logistics are our achievement.

All thanks to a committed team, which prioritizes not only the needs of our customers but also those of the consumers. Facing the competitiveness of the market we maintain our leading position with more innovation and a human touch. This is how we evolved, generating long-term relationships, creating a more sustainable world for future generations.

Products and customization

Juices, concentrates, pulps, oils, aromas, comminutes, cloudys (peel extract concentrates) and dried lemon peel. Also, if you are looking for any other derivative of lemon, we have the technical knowledge and experience to carry it out, we are the kings of lemon.

Quality and excellence

Our high standards of quality and food safety, as well as the commitment to create a sustainable environment, allow us to collaborate with global partners seeking excellence.

Quality Policy

Sustainability and balance

Our company, like any living organism, evolves with the needs of the environment not only of the market but also of our fields.

The care of the environment is crucial to maintain the long-term balance, which is why we have implemented different initiatives aimed at sustainability, organic cultivation and the promotion of biodiversity.

The process matters to us as much as the result, for this reason we dedicate time and effort in designing ours. We believe that responsible use, reuse and saving of resources is crucial to achieve sustainable development.

Optimization of the energy consumption of our equipment and production facilities.

Installation of solar panels for the production of photovoltaic solar energy.

We compensate the CO2 emissions with lemon tree plantations.

Reuse of treated water for agricultural farm irrigation.

Calculation of Carbon Footprint.

We pack in large formats reducing waste and generating fuel savings.

The organic farming that we develop is certified according to European Regulation 834/2007. This promotes sustainable management of land, water and natural resources, respecting the environment and ensuring social and economic equity.

High density production system, with reduction of production costs and obtaining a higher productivity per hectare.

Installation of weather station, monitoring and recording environmental conditions in real time, to make better agronomic decisions.

Optimization of water resources, using drip irrigation and humidity sensors in various areas of the farm.

100% of the energy consumed comes from renewable sources. In addition, there are several measures implemented for energy saving.

In 2014 we initiated a Biodiversity Promotion Plan with SEO / BirdLife in the farms dedicated to the cultivation of citrus.

Revegetation of boundaries with autochthonous vegetation promoting biodiversity and increasing the number of invertebrates and birds in the area.

Nesting boxes for insectivorous birds that act as biological control of some pests.

Placement of innkeepers encouraging the settlement of birds such as the European owl, the Barn owl, the Royal owl, etc.

The bats use caves and cracks in walls to establish colonies and also help to avoid pests.

Creation of water points.

Placement of nets in water reservoirs that prevent bird mortality.

Our history

Since 1948 we have been working to offer the best specialized service, promoting long-term relationships, excellence in our products and a job well done.


A committed team

Our team is built on the basis of relationships of trust and commitment.

The professionalism, transparency and efficiency of our partners and employees allows us to have a fluid and quality communication that facilitates a job well done.
All of us who are part of the company work with involvement to achieve the objectives. The success of the company is our success as a team.