Quality Policy

       The Integrated Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Policy designed by the management of Miguel Parra e Hijos, S.A., whose activity is the manufacture of juices, concentrates, pulps, comminutes, essential oils, dried peel and other citrus derivatives, expresses its intention to ensure the review, maintenance, continuous improvement and communication to employees of an Integrated Management System, with the following aim:

  • Promote the responsible development and management of the organization.
  • To meet the needs of both social partners and the company (employees, suppliers, customers, public administration, etc.).
  • To ensure compliance with legislation and/or legal requirements in force regarding quality, environment, food safety, as well as our customers’ specifications and requirements related to environmental aspects.
  • To guarantee the production of high quality natural products satisfying the requirements and expectations of the market, always with the highest safety of our workers and respect for the environment.
  • Provide the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.
  • Ensure food safety/innocuousness through of a food safety culture, traceability, internal and external interactive communication and HACCP-based risk control, involving all the organization.
  • Guarantee commitment to continuously improve the culture of food safety and quality.
  • Guarantee environmental protection, respecting the natural environment where the activity is carried out, as well as preventing pollution.
  • Guarantee commitment against food fraud, in other to obtain legal, authentic and non harmful products.
  • Planning necessary resources to reach an effective implementation of occupational safety and health.
  • Maintain our market share and obtain sustained growth based on the growth of our customers and the market itself.

Integrated management system guarantees that all previously set objectives are reached.

Finally, it declares that the Manual, Procedures and Technical Instructions of Integrated Management System for Quality, Food Safety and Environment are mandatory for the entire staff of Miguel Parra e Hijos, S. A.